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Nagging hip pain getting worse with increased running

Question: Nagging hip pain getting worse with increased running

I have pain on the outside of my left hip. It is a nagging, achy pain which is also sort of sharp and throbbing. It does not usually hurt while I am running, but it hurts after and continues to hurt for days after a long run. The pain is located in one spot (does not radiate or move), but I cannot affect it by touching or massaging it, or by stretching it. It sort of throbs all of the time when it's at its worst, and then when I am walking it might feel fine or it might become very sharp when I put weight on my left leg, to the point where I feel I have to immediately take any weight off of my left leg. It also seems to be aggravated when I lie down on my right side for a little while, so that the left hip is on top.

I have had this pain a few times in the past, over the last several years. One of the times I can remember was during an Army training school, when we ran and marched a lot.

I have been running for years, but I am now training for a marathon (my first full, I have run 3 half marathons) and have been gradually increasing my mileage. I am now at about 23 miles per week, with 14 miles as my longest run. The pain has been getting worse over the last week or two. I don't know what I should do - I really don't want to stop running!!


could be itb band syndrome


Could it be Arithtis