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my son is having pain in his upper inner thigh area?

Question: my son is having pain in his upper inner thigh area?

my son is 10 years old and this is his first year playing football. he played soccer since 4. he is in really good shape, but a couple days ago started having pain in his left upper inner thigh area. it went away, then came back again tonight and he is limping a little bit. i know it hurts because he started crying that he wouldn't be able to practice. do you have any suggestions for me as to what he might of done? also what kind of doctor i should maybe take him to? or should i wait to see how it goes? if he pulled something, what are some of the definite symtoms? please can i get some help, i'm feeling a little paranoid.
thanks for listening....


hi this sounds to me as thou he may have a light tear to his adducter muscle,he could take some paracetemol,then i would take him to your nearest sports therapist,no need to worry thou ,hope this helps


HI deanspinko,i just read your about your son having pain in his groin and has abit of limp. PLEASE ,PLEASE,PLEASE get your son to a doc and demand a hip xray or get him to a childrens hospital asap! I don't want to alarm you but these are the same symtoms as my son. HE played footy, super active but stared coplaining of the same symp. He had one xray and was sent to childrens hospital for an emergancy opp! His growth plate had slipped 20% of his hip joint and his joint also started to slip out of the hip socket. If that is NOT detected early like my sons was NOT, it could mean major problems, as my son has. He can no longer can play any sport and he is only 13, and there is a good chance that his hip joint can be also dying, and that is another problem. Look what i am trying to say is that don't take a paracetemol and hope for the best. It needs to be sorted out NOW! Good luck