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my daughter plays volleyball started flagged football in pe her inside muscle next to shin hurts?

Question: my daughter plays volleyball started flagged football in pe her inside muscle next to shin hurts?

could this be shin splints and what can i do for her. We have been icing after volleyball practive and giving tyenol. During warm up it hurt but once she gets warm it goes away. Will this get better?


I would have to disagree with the first answer. "shin splints" are a micro trauma or micro tear of the posterior tibalis muscle from the tibia. If pain starts at the start of activity and goes away after a period of time that sounds very much like a tendonitis. This can be a very common sign of "shin splints"
Here are your concerns; true "shin splits" could and often turn into stress fractures. It is possible that a dysfunction of the foot is the cause or over use. the use of NSAID/anti-inflamatory drugs are better than pain relievers. If activity is continued due to practice then other rec sports need to be decreased or stopped. The most important thing is to see an Athletic Trainer at school, if you do not have one then contact you PCP and get reffered to a foot specialist. The best treatment is complete rest without any activity. The length of rest is determined by the degree of injury and again the need to see an advanced medical professional (athletic trainers deal with this on a very regular basis and would be the best place to start)

Here are a few things you can do to help...stretch stretch stretch. 6 or more times a day. use a towel sit on the floor leg straight out and pull the toes toward you. then do this with knee bent. a slant board is another good stretch idea and again straight and bent leg. Before activity ice will help. One of the best ideas is to get any cup that can be easly ripped into little chunks. Fill the cup 3/4 with water and freeze, once solid remove a little bit at a time in a ring to show the ice. then take the ice and run it up and down the medial or inside part of your leg along the bone where the muscle tissue meets. as the ice melts remove more cup to expose more ice and cont this untill ice is gone. then cont to ice post activity.

This is common but if left untreated can become a much bigger problem that will result is long term removal from activity and again you best bet would be to see a athletic trainer, PT, PCP.

Good Luck hope this helps.