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Multiple Stress Fractures

Question: Multiple Stress Fractures

My son is only 13 and has been confirmed with at least 6 stress fractures in his foot/feet. This has been confirmed at different times with MRI's. He has had major foot pain for many years and we have been to doctor after doctor. We have been told that he had bone fracture/chips in both of his heals at one point according to Xrays. He and well, we are all frustrated and have no idea why he keeps getting them. We are now getting blood work done and bone density testing. The blood work is back and showing elevated levels of calcium. Alkaline Phosphates are high at 434. I have given up on finding out much from a doctor and have started doing research myself. His bone density scan is not back yet so I do not have results from that. He started off this fall with football and had several stress fractures and foot pain and ended up having to sit football out. We then had to sit out for basketball. We hoped sitting out during all of this that we would be able to put him in track. He was in a boot cast for 6 weeks and didn't participate in anything for 3 months. The second day of track starting out, he is already complaining of the same foot pain. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or have had similar experiences?