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mcl alignment?

Question: mcl alignment?


last night i was sitting on the floor with my legs bent and facing slightly outward. As i relaxed my legs i felt my mcl slide up the side up my leg up towards my kneecap. There was no pain or popping and there is no swelling. Now i'm unable to bend my leg and cannot put any weight on it. Is there an easy way to make the mcl slide back down onto the side of my leg where it belongs?

I've had this happen to me once about 4 years ago (I went to urgent care for this and they looked at me like i was an idiot, took some x-rays and sent me on my way with an ace bandage), and it took about 1-2 weeks of randomly getting my knee to make a cracking noise (similar to the noise when you crack your knuckles). After about 10 of these little cracks (they usually did it about once every other day or so) everything was back to normal and it was like nothing ever happened... The little cracks seemed to always happen when i would apply inward pressure. EG: if your legs are hanging off a table and your were squeezing a ball between your feet.

EDIT: Also after each "crack" my knee would feel signifigantly better, and would gain more motion and the ability to put more weight on it.

more history if it helps: When i was 16 (i'm now 30) I hyper extended this leg in a motocross crash.


I would be concerned about a meniscus tear maybe ligament. Rule that out before mcl sliding.


It's not possible for the MCL to move as you have described, and then stay in the 'wrong' position for a day. With the low amount of force described, I'd be surprised if it's an acute ligament injury. It's possible that you've got a residual hypermobility issue in the knee as a result of the motorcycle accident which is giving you intermittent problems.


Thanks for those Robert and Jordan, hopefully the poster found it helpful.