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Martial arts knee injury

Question: Martial arts knee injury


About a month ago we had a very hard training session which involved chasing your opponent across the dojo firing off a set combination of punches and kicks trying to catch them and finishing with a roundhouse kick. Apart from being exhausted and legs aching afterwards I didnt really think any more about it until I woke the next day and could bearly bend my knee more than about 20 degrees or so, I also had great difficulty taking my weight on the leg when getting up from a sitting position or sitting back down.

It has improved quite a lot now and I can bend it and weight bear but its still affecting my training as I find it difficult to get to the ground and back up quickly (eg to sprawl, get down for press ups and back up again quickly), I can kick again with the leg but its tight when I snap kciks back and also when I try to kneel and get my bum on my heels. Its also quite tight behind the knee when I put socks on or take them off.

I have been doing leg raises in the gym to try and strengthen it which may be helping and also cycling which seems to help. Any advise would be very much appreciated, thankyou :-)


You need to get your knee diagnosed.

A sports physio will be able to give you a clinical impression of the injury.

A MRI is not a bad idea. There are lots of injuries that require surgery.

It's better to know sooner than later.