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ligament injury

Question: ligament injury

I had injured my left knee while playing football. At that time my knee got swelling a lot and I just got my knee X-rayed hoping it was a minor injury and the swelling decreased after few days but the knee didn't recover to previous state. I then stopped playing any kind of sports as I couldn't. I tried some homeopathic medicines too for some months but there was no any improvement. Now its been more than 3 years and still now I cant do anything physically. I cant even run well else I get my ligament injured again. So, its been very hard for me in my day to day life. One doctor had suggested me to do MRI and surgery if needed but I didn't do that hoping it would recover naturally by itself. Now I don't think there is another option other than the surgery. Please anyone could help me with my problem and about the surgery and its effect if they have gone through it. I would be very grateful to get the suggestions. Thank You


The only option remaining for you is arthroscopy surgery,it wll work well.Its expensive but the best,less pain&quick recovery. Two months ago i was done and am doing very well.


Thank you very much for the reply. I would be grateful if you could provide me more specific information about the asthroscopy surgery and about the cost too. Are you able to play sports again now as you used to do before?