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Left forearm injured while doing preachers curl

Question: Left forearm injured while doing preachers curl

I have a question about an injury to my left forearm. While doing preachers curls at the gym I felt a strong 'pull' and saw one of the muscles on the underside (hand palm side) of my forearm shift quickly to the left. It felt as if it had torn free of something and shifted. Ever since I have been much more careful doing curls (trying not to go so low - i.e. not fully extending my arm). This happened about 6 weeks ago and I still weight train regularly. Sometimes when I extend my arm (not training just normal use) I feel considerable pain in my forearm. The pain is sharp and comes with a 'weak' feeling. I do not know the exact configuration of how the forearm muscles work together but are they linked together in a soft tissue bundle that I might have torn or damaged?

I am 40 years old and do not know how much time it should take to heal or if this is just going to be something that lasts and never really goes away. Any help appreciated and thanks!


If you haven't done so already go see your doctor and stop working out on the arm! From what you described it seems that you may have a small tear in your upper forearm which is the most common type of bicep tear.