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Knot in mid calf reappears even with no running

Question: Knot in mid calf reappears even with no running

Summary: even when walking, no running, sore spot occurs mid-gastrocnemius - soleus


-never had problem there before

-did hills on asphalt

-three days later after 3 mile warm up, soreness appeared mid-calf

-stopped running

-rested. did ice. compression.

-now it appears even after a few hours of day to day activities

Help help help - what should I do - Phil


July 19, 2010 — Chronic muscular pain may be linked to a previously unknown principle for how pain signals are transmitted in the human body.
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When muscle tissue is overused it seems the spindle cells can become over active and cause tissue to cramp up. These same spindle cells have a pain circuit, this seems to be a cause of the muscle pain. Resting a compromised muscle may not change the overactive status of the spindle cells, massage can reset these sensor cells. First, test by thumb pressure the same point but in the non-injured leg. Then test the injury area by also using thumb pressure. The difference is the level of injury trauma, deep tissue massage over a period of days to weeks depending on injury severity and duration should rehab the tissue. Use of Arnica Gel - "Boiron brand" works for me, - start gentle and gradually increase the pressure. You are back to normal with that tissue when you can apply pressure of 80lbs/sq. inch without any pain.

Injury at the tendon is a result (tendinosis) of the injured muscle transferring peak load to the tendon where normally a non-compromised muscle being flexible would absorb some of the peak load. Treatment is the same.

From Science Daily:

This is shown by Umeå University researchers Tuija Athanassiadis and Karl-Gunnar Westberg, in collaboration with Canadian associates, in the scientific journal PLoS ONE.
Muscles have sensory organs called muscle spindles. Their task is to inform the brain of changes in muscle length. Muscle spindles therefore contain a special type of large diameter nerve filaments that signal stretch of the muscle. The Umeå scientists' studies show that muscle spindles also contain fine nerve filaments with pain receptors. When a muscle is damaged as a result of overloading, these pain receptors are activated by the release of a signal substance from the neighboring stretch-sensitive nerve filaments in the muscle spindle.
It was previously believed that the pain receptors in muscles were exclusively found in the membranes that surround the muscles or in connection with the blood vessels in the muscle. With these new findings the Umeå researchers are drawing attention to a hitherto unknown and interesting mechanism. Damage to the stretch-sensitive nerve filaments of the muscle spindle may contribute to and sustain chronic pain in jaw muscles as well as in other muscles.


Do you have high foot arches?

I found getting a set of insoles for my shoes which are moulded to the shape of your foot means that the calf muscle gets a rest, otherwise it's like walking in stilettos all the time (not that I'm owning up to that).