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Knee pops when extending past straight

Question: Knee pops when extending past straight

I play soccer for my high school as a goalie so I dont run around much, but one day my coach had me play midfield and after the game for the next week or so my right knee has been kinda sore, I would compare it to how an aged person's knee would feel with the bones I believe rubbing each other when I bend it. It was just a mild inconvenience and I didnt think much of it, but than this morning at school i was sitting against a wall and stood up, after I stood up my knee sorta locked in place straight for a second and than it sorta popped past straight and honestly it was the worst pain I ever felt in my life. ever since then for the rest of the school day I could barely bend me knee straight and when I try to go past straight the same thing happens as this morning it pops followed by extreme pain. Its at the point where walking hurts behind my knee but when it pops it hurts in the center of my knee. Any help I could possible get on my predicament I would be very grateful for.

And also I have a game tomorrow would anything allow for my knee to be healed than and if not what about a week? Thanks again for any help.


if your knee range of movement is restricted and theres a samll amount of effusion - your story fits one of a cartilage tear. But without seeing your knee from what you say its difficult to say. Bets get to see a knee orthopod or physiotherapist.