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Knee pain at the top of kneecap on knee flexion and worsened when hip is extended.

Question: Knee pain at the top of kneecap on knee flexion and worsened when hip is extended.

Had some knee bursitis and was given a cortisone shot. The bursitis calmed down, but the knee pain is present. After walking there is pain at the top of the kneecap. It seems as though I can flex the knee, but only when the hip is flexed. Once I start to extend the hip the pain (at the top of the knee cap) becomes excruciating. I saw the physio and he said the kneecap is sitting too high, and told me to do deep quad stretching, no matter how painful to help "lower" the kneecap. Does this sound correct?


Hi Cyclist99 and welcome to the site. I've put your question to our Facebook and Twitter groups. Best wishes for a quick recovery.



Has an MRI been taken? It sounds like you may have a patella tendinopathy. How does knee feel when you are ascending/descending stairs or getting in/out of a chair? What was the onset of the original injury? i.e. acute or overuse activity.
If it is a tendinopathy then stretching/strengthening the quads is necessary but I would recommend stretching "no matter how painful" is not the best way to go about things. You should use pain as a guide as to what you can and can't do. If you are experiencing pain then you should back off. Stretching should cause no more than mild discomfort. Let your body take time to adapt to the process before taking things further. You should never operate in the realms of pain as this is your body telling you to back off!