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Knee pain and swimming

Question: Knee pain and swimming

My daugther is a competitive swimmer and is 13 years old. Last October she developed a rotator cuff injury which required her to stop swimming so she could heal. In the interim, she resumed dance and was dancing about 8 hours per week. She also began taking Accutane which can cause joint pain. After a leaps and turns class, both her knees began hurting in the front. She had to quit dance in March and rested her knees. She came off the Accutane in May. In June, her shoulder was healed enough that she could resume swimming. Her knees are better. They don't hurt standing and walking anymore but sometimes, they will hurt when she dives off the blocks, sprints or does breastroke kick. We stared her back only swimming 3 days/wk for 40 minutes. Her doctor did an MRI and is showed very slight chondromalacia but her cartilage was smooth. Before she stopped swimming in October, she was practiving 4-5d/wk for 2 hours/practive. Nobody can really tell me what nor how much practice she should be doing now so I am kind of winging it. Does anybody have any general ideas of what type of schedule to use to resume swim practice? For example, 3 or 4 days per week/40 minutes if no pain then gradually add another day. Or increase the time 10 minutes each month. I realize that everybody is different and it depends on how her body responds but I would just like a general idea of what to try.


If you have a nagging pain. Ice ice ice. Or get a blood stimulant kit. I have one that my physio gave me. It works great. I put it on before my workout for 10 minutes. I can go the whole workout no problem.
I think this is the website where he got it, good luck I hope it helps!