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Knee pain

Question: Knee pain

I have a nagging behind the kneecap / side of knee pain combo. I cycle regularly 4 X week up to 3 hours each.
I took a rest because of a knee pain. Last week I hiked 4 days in a row up to 4-6 hours each, up steep hill down steep hills. No pain at all (except muscles) when i get back on bike I can feel pain (mild) behind knee cap in first few minutes. I can still ride 2-3 hours at a good clip and it seems to be less noticeable an hour in (well warmed up) when I get off bike nothing behind knee at all ?? This is left knee.
Below knee on outside 1 " down there is a tender spot (upon applying finger pressure) best guess is a tendon between calf muscle and fibula


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All the best with your recovery.


sometimes u need to try the basics..
start icing your knee like 3 times weekly. it worked for me, I play basketball. i went back to doing squats...
hope it works for u


Try massaging the affected area with warm olive oil, mustard oil or coconut oil. Gently massage the area about two to three times per day.

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Get your bike setup checked, if your pain is exclusively with riding a bike then surely that tells you something.