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Knee Injury 4 years ago (in May), and still repeat itself every May

Question: Knee Injury 4 years ago (in May), and still repeat itself every May

Hi, I'm from Bosnia & Herzegovina so sorry for my bad english. I will try to shorten this as much as I can. I trained basketball since I was 13 and I was allways skinny and had rounded back so everybody was always telling me that I'm too skinny and that I need to straighten my back and so. When I was 18 I injured my knee playing basketball game, I went for lay up and as I tryed to land on the floor I have lost balance so I landed only on my right leg and I felt awful pain in my knee and heared some popping-clicking sound. I immediately fell on the ground and couldn't get back up as my knee was kind of locked and felt no stability. The pain was so severe that I cried. Life standard here is very low and there's no "reaL" doctors that know much about situations like this so they just told me to rest and that it was laterall and collateral ligament strain or something like that. It took me 5-7 months to start limping and get out of bed so they sent me on some physio therapy where I needed 3 additional monthos to start walking "normaly". Even then my leg was not completly extended, there was always little bend in my knee. I stop playing basketball completely after 2 more injuries wich put me out about month or 2 most. Thats much less then first injury. I found myself in fitness and started to lift weights. Over time I fell in love with this kind of life and see myself doing for rest of my life. My favorite part are legs and love to do deadlifts and squats. But every May my knee get injured in bizzare ways and just when I feel like my legs are strong and everything is ok I get injured just by standing and pulling my leg back (last injury was like this 40 days ago) exactly on May the 1st. My leg size increased, strength and everything else but when this injury happens everything falls down and it started to cause me some kind of depresion becouse I really like athletic and sport life, and then I can't squat, deadlift, run and so on. Now is 40 days since last injury occured and I still feel pain in my knee when I tried to pull my leg back and fully extend it to stand firmly on the ground on both legs. It feels like I need to use my left leg more to stand and walk and right leg is always slightly bend in knee. Everytime this injury happened I heard some sound in my knee like popp or click and then my knee locks for second and I must sit on the ground and wait for 2 months to start walking again and it's really anoying especialy when training is my everyday routine. I also must mention that I have "weak" lower back and sometimes i feel small pain and still working on fixing my posture. I know I haven't provided much details but I hope you can help me with some info. I will add that I have allergy thats starts in spring as soon nature start to bloom, I drink about 2l of milk per day and always have some weird feeling in my toes. So my probelm is pulling leg back to be in line with left leg and to be straight extended, pain is inside part of knee cap (left side).


It sounds like it cold be either an ACL or possibly a meniscal injury from the initial mechanism of injury and how you can't straighten it. It is very hard to tell though without seeing it,, and there are lots of other questions. Either way, an MRI scan would be helpful in diagnosis, and I would suggest an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist.

Rehab-wise, strengthening and control is important, when you can. When in pain, Rest ice compression and elevation. You will probably need to do some core stability and postural correction as well.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your answer. Every answer is helpful, I appreciate your effort to help me.