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knee & hip soreness at sea level starting on 3rd day while visiting from higher altitude--why?

Question: knee & hip soreness at sea level starting on 3rd day while visiting from higher altitude--why?

I live at 7500 feet in Colorado and run, practice yoga, and hike with no aches, pains, or soreness. About once a year I visit my parents at sea level in Florida. On about the 3rd or 4th day I begin to experience a constant soreness in my knees every time I visit. On this trip the pain/soreness included the hip area as well. Last night I tossed and turned all night because the pain was so constant deep in the hip muscles and bone. Finally I resorted to Tylenol which took care of the pain quickly. I am a 42 year old women in excellent there any explaination or connection with the altitude/change in humidity and my body aches?


Hi there

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

You have a weakness in the Psoas muscle. This muscle runs fron the lumbar vertebrae to the greater trochanter on the femur and holds the natural curvature in the lumbar spine.
This muscle works on the same energy as the kidneys and for proper function depends on fluids, or water.
When you become dehydrated this muscle gets very tight and alters the position of the lumbar spine. It pulls the spine forward and downward with the fulcrum in the middle of the lumbar spine at L3 level.

This causes T12 to be pulled forward and L5 to be pulled back creating instability at both these levels. T11-12 controls the quadriceps which run from the front of the hip to the Tibia, below the knee. This is a major stabiliser for the knee and weakness can cause heaps of knee problems.
L5 controls the sacrospinalis which run from the sacrum along the spine to the back of the skull. Weakness of this muscle increases the curvature of the spine putting more pressure on the affected joints, and creating more pain. Driving a car or flying uses up heaps of fluids and alcohol and coffee dehydrate as well.

Massaging the pelvic knobs on the back(PSIS's)(these will be painful for a while) will reset the sacrospinalis and massaging both sides of the spine at T12 level will restore the function of the psoas.
Rotary exercises sitting back to front on a high chair with arms spread will loosen up the spinal muscles.

These problems often occur if you change from clean rainwater on the farm to chlorinated water in the city. You might not utilise chlorinated water due to an allergy. Drink heaps of CLEAN unpoisoned water and do the corrections mentioned above should help overcome the problems.

Good luck

Hans de Rycke Fr.R.C
'Bahk-Ge's Retreat'
Natural and Spirtual Healing Center