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Jr high student with severe foot pain

Question: Jr high student with severe foot pain

I have a Jr high boy with nagging foot pain. He wears inserts but after a full game of basketball he has severe foot pain that he limps and hurts to run. It tends to be mostly in the middle to the heel area. Seems to have relatively high arches. This has been bothering him for 3 years. Thought it was just a growing stage but seems to be hanging on. He is 5'11" tall with size 12 shoes. Any ideas??


Take your son to a podiatrist or physical therapist that specializes in making orthotics. Sounds like his high arches are causing a traction pain in the plantar fascia at the heel. When the arch compresses downwards it acts like a bow and puts tension on the heel and forefoot. He needs to be doing a lot of icing after practice and games. 15 minutes in an ice bath and 10-15 minutes rolling his foot on a 20 oz frozen water or soda bottle from heel to toe.


thanks for the reply. Went to a physical therapist and we did stretches which gave some but very little improvement. Will probably try podiatrist next.