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Injury and depression

Question: Injury and depression

I have a torn rotator cuff and soon will be having surgery. But it's the emotional trauma that is killing me. I played/practiced six days a week. I worked hard to get where I am. I won our summer club championship with the rotator tear. Yes, it hurt. But I won.

All my friends are golfers. All our vacations centered around golf. It's about the only thing my husband and I have in common! i feel like my whole life has been yanked out from under me. I feel like I am sliding down into a deep pit of despair.

I don't want to walk on the beach, or go shopping, or go the casino. I want to play golf! Then, I worry, if and when I ever get back onto the course, that I'll never be able to attain the success level I had prior to injury.

I am just a whining crybaby? It's not like I'm starving and homeless in Haiti!


Sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed by not only your injury but by the consequences in your day to day life that stem from it. There is a style of massage that is being practiced nowadays; it's called Integrative massage, and it is taught at my massage college, BCMT, here in Boulder, Colorado. It incorporates all of the traditional and modern massage techniques for addressing injury and rehabilitation, but refuses to separate the emotional component from the injury for those whom this is an issue.

You aren't alone. Thousands of athletes are going through the very same thing now. While there are of course no guarantees either way about how you will play in the future (read that literally; there is no way to know this), but it is always possible to heal. You just need a qualified therapist to show you how you can heal.