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increasing hip pain during golf?

Question: increasing hip pain during golf?

I had my hip replaced on my left side in 2006. I have golfed twice in the last week and both times I warmed up and started to play with zero pain or problems. I walk and getting to the 10th or 11th hole there is an increasing pain starting in the left butt cheek and it spreads around to the front of my thigh and intensifies tremendously. By the 18th it is a throbbing that can't be described. It is a little sore the next morning, but not noticeable. I golf right handed.


Hi there

I am an Austalian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

Your problem is related to a malfunction in the hamstrings on the left. The hip replacement was a success but the hamstrings are in under energy still and need to be 'reset'. These muscles run from the lower part of the pelvis to the fibula and tibia, the lower leg bones. These muscles tend to get tight when under energised and cause a pelvic torque. With other words, the two halves of the pelvis align differently. Tight hamstrings can lead to knee problems as they pull the lower leg bones out of their normal alignment, causing meniscus problems. Massage the muscles from center to insert and origin, with other words, from center of the muscles to the knee and hip. Both the semitendinosis and the biceps femoris seem to be involved. Massage the bony protuberances on the back of the hip (PSIS) about 10 times a day for 30 seconds at a time will help to reset those muscles.

Good luck

Hans de Rycke Fr.R.C.
'Bahk-Ge's retreat'
Natural and Spiritual Healing Center.