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Imbalance after ankle injury

Question: Imbalance after ankle injury

I wonder if someone has had the same problem as my 13yr old son. He popped his ligament in a cross country race 18 months ago. He could not place his foot flat even after physio. I took him to a guy with a laser machine where he release his tight thigh mucles and he was able to walk normal.After certain excerises etc he started to fall over when he got up real fast. After visiting specialists etc and having a mri on his brain we found a deep tendon massager.For the first time in 10 months he stopped having these imbalances. However after 6 weeks they returned but not as servere.He has been to this massager over the last 6 months. He has improved but it still happens. He gets so frustrated and dejected. He used to be very quick off the mark and fast at sprints. He has lost his speed. Someone told me it could be his trigger points damaged?? When he loose his balance his fingers spread and go stiff as well and he takes 10 secs to correct himself. Now when it happens he pretends to do up his shoelaces. Has anyone heard of something similar and what else can we do. I have a very depressed little boy. thanks for any help