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illiacus tear

Question: illiacus tear

Hello, last year i had an iliacus tear caused by some improper insoles i was recommended by a sport clinic. It took me about 2 months to recover and since then i did some races and a marathon. After the marathon i started having pain and went back to have it looked at. I was told the scar pulled on the sourounding tissue and i needed rest and strenghtening exercises. For about 1 month and a half i cross trained with swiming and cross country skiing and recently i started back running, but i am feeling a bit weak at the area and sometimes it feels like a far away pain. I wanted to start biking again but i am worried as lifting my knee seems to cause a slight pain.
Could anyone tell me if these slight pain is normal to expect from a weakened area or is this sign that more damage is being caused? What would be a good approach to prevent any further damage? I am training for a half ironman and a mountain marathon this year and i need to increase my hill work considerably.
Many thanks.