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I swim and I'm having chest pains any ideas on what it is?

Question: I swim and I'm having chest pains any ideas on what it is?

I swim, my stroke is breaststroke and I'm a sophomore. I've only competitively swam for two years and I'm still not even that serious about it. I went to a doctor and all she told me was it was musculoskeletal but never explained what.

My symptoms: ive recently gotten shortness of breath and realize im breathing funny. I get sharp pains in my chest, in the middle of my sternum. It gets to where it feels like my sternum wants to break. On the cartilage part of my sternum I get pains underneath it, it feels like a cramp or something. I get pains deep in the muscle over my heart and for a while believed it was heart pains. Occasionallt the sternum pain gets really bad to where I can't inhale because it hurts, it feels like I laid on broken glass and i cry. Sometimes I get pains swimming, laughing, or just sitting. I get the pain a lot when I'm laying on my sides. It's starting to worry me because I don't know what it is and it's very random but all in my chest, please help.



I would suggest you visit a registered chiropractor in your area. It sounds like a mechanical MS problem at the level of the thoracic area (ribs, intercostals). Get his/her opinion on this problem and you should be helped!


Thank you do much for the help(:


Did you get a full check up from your Doc? Any cardiovascular problems need to be ruled out first.
It does sound like a case of Tietze's syndrome or in other words, inflammation of the costal cartilage of the ribs. Have a look on the internet and see if some of the symptoms of Tietze's syndrome matches yours.