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I have achillies tendonitis (ultrasound diagnosed) in both legs.

Question: I have achillies tendonitis (ultrasound diagnosed) in both legs.

I have had it for about two months. Initially it was quite debilitating in that after i refereed a game of rugby, that night i could barely walk without significant pain. I am taking Voltaren morning and night and i do not run at all during the week. My only running at this stage is my refereeing on saturdays, and for this i am getting my achillies strapped to unload the achillies. I am swimming and bike riding during the week to try and keep some aerobic fitness.

It has improved a lot over time but is still quite a way off being right.

Is it just a time thing now or should i start stretching and strength exercises on my achillies???????????


Hi Peter, you are sufferring from achilles tendinopathy on both sides and this condition can take months to recover from. The key to getting on track with this condition is firstly understanding that what is going on within your achilles tendon is 'NOT' tendinitis. It is actually a process of tendon degeneration from overuse. Because of this you should seriously think about stopping the voltaren as it is an anti-inflammatory and of no use in this condition.

What you need to be doing is cutting back on your activity to the point that you are not aggravating the condition and then start strengthening you achilles. The only thing that has really been shown by good clinical research to actually help with this problem is eccentric achilles tendon exercises in the form of heel drops (I advise you to google Hakan Alfredson's eccentric protocol). Concentrate you efforts on this protocol for around 2-3 months and the evidence is in your favour for getting a good result. Book an appointment with a physiotherapist or sports physician to get some guidance on starting this protocol. You should only need a couple of appointments over a few months to review your progress and increase the exercise resistance.

Good luck & get started

PS - Ultrasound machines are about as useful as karaoke machines in treating this so be wary of anyone who suggests this :)


achilles tendonitis can also be caused by tight calf muscles. As the gastrocnemius and soleus mucles are attached to the achilles tendon the tighter they are the more they pull/stress the tendon. A sports massage therapist could help restore the flexibility as well as stretching. Be carefull as achilles tendon could also tear if left unattended. Happy healing! =-)


Hi, i had double achilles tendonopathy, for probably 4-5 years.... i have had enough ultra sound, ice etc to last a life time!!!... i did do the strengthening exercises over 3-4 months.... doing heel rises and lowers, with eventually my wife on my back.... my achilles strengthened, but i still had the 'burning' pain 10 minutes into excercise, and very sore after. eventually, Professor Nicola Maffulli operated on both Tendons, at the same time, had me weight bearing the very next day ( on crutches)and after 6 months of rehab, both achilles are 100%. i have since and still am running half marathon distance, without achilles pain. i know that every achilles problem is not the same.... but the time wasted with ulta sound can be soul destroying. Good Luck. Check out Professor Maffuli on the internet.... he is one of the best achilles related surgeons.