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I got a Ankle Injury?

Question: I got a Ankle Injury?


While I got a ankle injury while playing. The X-ray report was normal. Still the doctor says there might be a crack on your ankle. I can walk and run but can't play the football. whenever i try to shoot the ball it hurts. Please could you tell me what shall I have to do?


I suggest you get a second opinion/ get an MRI taken of your ankle.


How long ago did the initial ankle injury occur?
Did u have any physio/rehab on the ankle
any, ice, strapping, rest?

The ligaments in the ankle may not have sufficiently recovered, and they can take quite a long time, especially without that when you contact the ball with force, the stretch on the ligaments is sufficient to give you discomfort.

I found Marigold Therapy (for Pain) usefull in re-organising the tissues by reducing inflammation, and scarring. Getting the ankle back to function. Alternaltively see your physio.


I would definitely get a MRI and a second opinion, like stated before by others.