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I developed numbness in my fingers after starting golf.

Question: I developed numbness in my fingers after starting golf.

I started hitting the golf ball at the driving range two days per week and after 3 weeks stopped. I am right handed and developed numbness in my right palm and 3 fingers including my middle and thumb.

How long will it last as it has now been 2 weeks. I have not seen a doctor as yet because golfers said it will go away, what do you recommend?


From Margaret on Facebook, 'have your neck checked by an osteo or chiropractor, sometimes numbness in the hands can come from the discs in your neck pressing on the nerves'


It's probably a carpal tunnel syndrome, or a low cervical disc injury. The area of numbness you are describing is the distribution of the median nerve, or the C5/C6 nerve roots. To definitively diagnose, you would need an MRI scan of your neck.

If it is still persisting now, and not improving, then I would be seeking an MRI as a matter of urgency.


A physio can easily differentiate these without the need (or cost) of an MRI. They will also treat you, which I would recommend ASAP. The longer you allow nerve irritation to continue, the longer it takes to settle. Good luck with your golfing!