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i can Move Something in my ankle..& i dont no why?

Question: i can Move Something in my ankle..& i dont no why?

Okay. When i move my left ankle to left. ( i sorta lift the left side of my foot and pull it outwards) Something Moves.. It Makes a noise too. Not like a clicking noise , its a more deeper sound. and reasonably loud.
i havent injured this ankle. but its rather annoying.. it could be nothing.. it doesnt hurt everytime i do it. But I`ve been doinq it for a while & now when i poin my ankle down it clicks really loud & sometimes painfully, several times a day.

& i dont no if this has anything to do with it, but ever since i noticed i could move something on the outside of my ankle ( What ever it is it kinda sits on the bone on the outside of my ankle) - Anyway , i dont know if its connected but my 4th toe on that foot , contantly moves up and down - unvoluntarily. Not Really fast just once every 10-15 seconds. All Day & All Night..?
Anybody Know What it could be?
For all i know it could be nothing...?


I have the exact same thing! I have been able to do this for as long as I can remember, Dont have a clue why I can move it but its a pretty cool party trick to show people when im out haha! I have it on my right ankle, however mine does not move without me making it, im pretty sure its nothing to worry about I just think its a pretty cool trick (: