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how do i treat a hamstring injury

Question: how do i treat a hamstring injury

run 4 to 5 days week over hills and soft ground and have had for last 3 weeks been suffering with a niggling hamstring which is getting no better what should i do rest , or strap up and do light runs ?


I would recommend that you rest - hoping that you have a stretching routine, also (R.I.C.E) applying ice following each run. Book an appt. to see a physio, sports practitioner or similar - its always best to catch niggles early because they can be warnings of an underlying problem. And if it's not too far gone a therapist could sort you out in a few sessions, putting you back on track.


I am agree with top recommendation. Need figure out what exactly happen. See physiotherapist and find out what is there. If you not competitive athlete then you can take rest, dip massage,isometric stretching, contrast shower. In the mean time during rehabilitation continue work on your fitness: water run, bike, rowing. I would recommend to stay way from stretching much, take it easy.