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How to cure?

Question: How to cure?

Any running aggrevates the condition(Rt heel)


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Plantar fasciitis is a tough one for runners. First you need to reduce the inflammation in the fascia. This will first require some rest from running so you quit irritating the area. Second my patients have real good results with filling a 20oz water or soda bottle with water, place in freezer standing upright. Once frozen use this as an ice roller on the bottom of your foot going from heel to toe for 10-15 minutes 3-4 times per day. Once the pain starts improving you can start with an exercise bike and/or an elliptical machine. This will be less stressful with no to low impact. At this point I would recommend making an appt with a podiatrist, physical therapist or chiropractor to get fitted with orthotics for your shoes. This will reduce the stress on the plantar fascia and provide important support to reduce the irritation causing your pain. You can also visit with the PT or chiropractor about having some ultrasound treatments done that can breakdown some of the scar tissue and pump out inflammation. This is usually done on a pulse setting or under water so there is no heat being produced which could further irritate the area.


I have a much more sucessful treatment.
Ice massage to sole of foot and while massaging stretch foot and look for possible triggers like leg length discrepency, gait and correct these problems at the same time one or two treatments are usually all thats required.
The good thing is you don't have to stop your normal training.