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How can I stop knee pain when high jumping?

Question: How can I stop knee pain when high jumping?

I am a high jumper and for the past couple of years have had pain on the patella tendon. (tender to touch and hurts particularly on high jump) It was potentially diagnosed as tendonitis or tendonosis and treated purely with 1 legged squats.

In addition I have had acupuncture which made it worse and frictioning. Neither with any success.

Following this I was advised that I had a tight IT band which I have stretched and released pressure on. I generally am fine doing all activities, including heavy weight lifting, but high jump, with the curved run and take off causing immediate pain.

After a hugely disappointing season any advice would be greatly appreciated?


There's more to treating patella tendonitis/tendinopathy than single leg squats. How is flexibility of hamstrings, calves, quads, hip flexors? Do you have adequate calf strength and endurance on your affected side? Is there an issue with your foot mechanics or your footwear? Do you have a restriction in ankle motion on one side?

There are so many things that can cause your condition, find a good therapist who isn't going to friction your tendon and you will probably have success.