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Hit by a slap shot playing hockey

Question: Hit by a slap shot playing hockey

11 days ago I was hit on the outside of my left ankle by a slap shot, just above the joint. I have been able to walk on it and have mobility in the joint but it is extremely tender to the touch. It also will throb with pain at times after being up and walking on it for long periods. I have been icing it regularly, there is some swelling but no discoloration at all. I am thinking I may have a bone bruise but not sure. Also assuming that if it were broken I would not be able to put as much weight on it that I am. Any thoughts?



I would recommend an x-ray to rule out a distal fibular fracture. This is a relatively non weight bearing bone and you can easily have a fracture here and still walk fairly normal. Best case scenario is it is just a bone contusion but if fractured should be put in a cam walker.


Hopefully you are all set by now but just letting you know my story. I had similar injury about 13 weeks ago. Right fibula broke by a slap-shot, no problem walking but would swell. Put in boot for eight weeks and have been skating since. Still notice a little tenderness in area upon hard exertion but very minimal. Ice before and after and you will be on the right track. The skate boot pushes on the fibula in certain movements but feels better every day. Good luck and be patient with it if it broke or was fractured- I tried to skate it off and probably made things worse.