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hip labral tear surgery for older athlete?

Question: hip labral tear surgery for older athlete?

Results of MRI-A last week: "arthrogram confirms rather large, complex tear and cyst formation. Next step is surgical consultation." I have an appt in 10 days with an ortho surgeon who specializes in this.

The problem is that the injury happened 8 years ago when I was 57. I had fallen hard on my coccyx and it hurt for around 4 months. Once it had healed enough I started agressive ski conditioning training and in the last weeks of the class I felt a sharp pain in my groin. I was an excellent downhill skier and also swam on a masters team, so after a lifetime of involvement in active sports, starting with years of ballet and gymnastics training when I was a child, I think I can qualify as a mature athlete.

Now I am 65 and because I had not been properly diagnosed and because docs didn't take me seriously because of my age I was put on narcotic medical pain management and PT. I was also sent to cognitive-behavioral group therapy for pain management, massage, acupuncture, more therapy, etc. In hindsight it's not as if any of that would repair a physical injury!

My doctor says that I may not qualify for an arthroscopic repair because of my age, even though he knows that I am still very strong and want to go back to sports, especially skiing.

Does anyone have advice?

Suz (I am in NE U.S.A.)