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Help me with my hamstrings please!

Question: Help me with my hamstrings please!


I have extermely short hamstrings probably as a result of playing football all my life and never warming up or down properly. Between football I also spend a lot of sitting in a chair which im sure doesn't help.

For an idea of how bad my hamstrings are; if a try and touch my toes with straight legs the closest i can get is about a foot away :(

I am currently having some personal training and one of the main goals is to improve the flexibility in my hamstrings. I believe this will make me a better footballer and will reduce the risk of ionjury and lower back problems, which i understand are common in people with short hamstrings.

My personal trainer has set me some great exercises which will apparently help improve the range of movement in my hamstrings as well as some stretchs as well.

This is all great however my concern is that my hamstring stretches feel very unnatural, and different to other strentches i do. My personal trainer thinks this is becasue i am not yet relaxing the muscles properly however i'm concerned that it may be more serious.

Whilst i'm stretching my hamstrings i always feel tingling in my feet and from reading about a bit i am concerned that this maybe caused by short sciatic nerves. Is this possible?

If i do have short sciatic nerves then should i be stretching them? Any advice would be greatfully recieved.


Chris McNeillie