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having knee pain

Question: having knee pain

I've been running now for about 7 weeks gradually upping the distance each week but now my knees are getting sore around the knee cap and on the inside of my knees. i have good shoes but do suffer from a sore back at times. Could this be the cause of this pain? I'm running 7mk in about 40min


Your sore knees could be due to tight i.t. bands, I would suggest hamstring stretching, riding a stationary bike, icing after you run. If you take a break from running, say longer then 48 hours putting heat on your knees (heating pad of jacuzzi) will help increase blood flow. Also where are you running? Sidewalks and the road can be brutal on your knees. Stretching surrounding muscles are key I roll my feet out with a tennis ball, definitely strengthen your ankles that can never hurt. One good easy ankle strengthener you can do while watching t.v. just sit down raise one foot and spell the alphabet out only moving your ankle do up to 3 sets. I hope this helps.
- Colin


I had a similiar problem with my left knee that got so bad I could barely walk. I saw a chiropractor who broke down a mass of scar tissue along my hamstring and I did a lot of squats, turkish get-ups, one-arm kettlebell swings and pistols to rehab it. I rehab fast so it only took two months until I could run again and three before I was free of pain entirely. I found with paying attention to my body and how it moved that I had a posterior chain issue on my left side (namely I didn't use my hamstring, glutes or erector spinae. This was caused by a previous injury to my lumbar spine about 8 years ago, apparently I babied it for a very long time. Now I conciously activate that specific muscle chain on my left side (one arm kettlebell swings) whenever I squat or deadlift and relieve tension with a foam roller and lacrosse ball especially in my calf. When I run I consciously keep tension in my glutes and have found that not only does this go a long way to improving my form but also helps reduce the impact of my stride.
I have found both in my own recovery and in helping my clients rehab knee injuries that perfecting the body weight squat is key to healthy knees.
Hope that helped.