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hamstring strain - 3 months

Question: hamstring strain - 3 months

hello hear goes, i pulled my hamstring about 3 months ago now,i pulled it rather bad playing football/soccer

i have recived a few sessions of physio about two months ago.

my leg was seeming to get better till a week ago when i was doing some lite sprints and stumbbled down a hole and it was tweaked again , its no where near as bad but is stiff.. the problem i have is when i'm running at 80/90 percent i get a twine towards my buttock , what will this be ???

i;m getting incresingly angry with myself now becuase i jsut want to get back playing again. could some one possibly tell me what i need to do to give it the best chance of healing correctly, eg ... exercies , heat pads , stretches.

i was doing alot of stretch work when i first pulled it but i believe this made it alittle worse as i was over doing it .

any help and advice would be welcomed.
i have been doing lite hamstring curls, high reps low weights along with none resistive work