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Hamstring Problems post ACL Repair

Question: Hamstring Problems post ACL Repair

I have undergone ACL surgery (Hamstring graft) almost three years ago but still suffer from hamstring problems in the same leg (Left). Under strength testing it is significantly weaker than my right but strength training does not seem to work as even with light weights on supine curls or eccentric exercise the muscle seems to go into spasm and remains tight, ultimately making sprinting or matches virtually impossible. Furthermore recently i have begun to notice symptoms in my adductors after heavy exercise presumably secondary to the de-training effects and also now i have noticed symptoms of left sided sciatica while driving for more than an hour. After the surgery i done a reasonable amount of the rehabilitation and know friends who are now fine after doing far less. I am struggling to get back football at anywhere near the level i was previously at and would appreciate any insights.


hi there mate,ive just read your problem and i could of wrote exactly the same thing.i had my op 4 year ago and have same problem.if you find anything out please email me cheers


I had the exact same thing done to me 6 yrs ago now and now that I am studying phyisio learning a lot more about it. there was only one physio back then who actually educated me in my rehab about the importance of hamstring strengtherning and stretcjing before going onto plyometrics in late stage rehab. with his help i was able to return to sport but still have issues with high impact exercises if i have to change direction at the same time. this was 6 yrs ago now managed to get hamstring strength back but still need to work on flexibilty and and scar tissue is a bit of an issue which deep tissue massage and frictioning keeps at bay.


My daughter is about to have this surgery next week - can you offer any tips on rehabilitation to allow her to return to her sports?


oh, just found this - may be of interest to anyone who has an interest in this topic:


Do you have full range of motion in both your knee and hip?