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Is hamstring pain is completely curable?

Question: Is hamstring pain is completely curable?

My question is will the hamstring pain come again during practice when it comes once, how can it be completely cure this pain.


Duncan in our Facebook group replies:

Unfortunately this is hard to answer because you don't identify the point of origin of the pain in the hamstring nor what activity you undertake, how the pain manifests( ie sharp/ dull ache/ spasm) or youre treatment of the 'pain' the simpl...e answer is No pain should not persist! If there is an underlying injury which requires treatment, pain should cease after rehab and correct timing to return to excercise. Underlying scar tissue often presents post excercise soreness which should cease after RICE and stretching. Ongoing, repeated soreness is usually a sign of muscular imbance, inherent weakness or inflexibilty( or all or any combination of the above)