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Question: Hamstring

Two years ago, I had a misdiagnosed hamstring avulsion, where both large hamstrings detached from the bone (at the hip end.) I didn't even know until several days ago that it hadn't been just a bad tear!

So I now have foot and leg numbness, as the massed muscle is pressing on my sciatic nerve, and of course my leg functionality is quite reduced. I've been told that it's been way too long to try to reattach the tendon/muscle, with all the scar tissue and so forth, and that messing around by my sciatic nerve might do a lot more harm than good.

I'm prepared to accept this for the most part but... I guess I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a repair like this being done so long after the fact?

And if not, how much could I build up the two remaining hamstrings to compensate? Do you think I'd be able to run with a permanent injury like this? Swim? Not sure what I can even do besides walk as briskly as possible. :-(

Well, much thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer. I really really appreciate it.

- Karla B


Hi Karla, sorry to hear about your problems. I've no experience of this myself but I've popped it on our Twitter page.

Good luck with everything.