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Gym injury weakness and loss of strength in right arm

Question: Gym injury weakness and loss of strength in right arm

Just wondering if someone could help me
About 5 weeks ago I was at the gym and I was doing a dip exercise and when I came of it I knew I'd done something wrong my thumb on my right hand felt numb

Decided to leave it thinking that it was nothing and was hoping it went back to normal.

After about a week it was still numb so I started to read a few things on the internet about having pins and needles in my thumb.
And a lot of answers appeared carpal tunnel and blocking the nerve in the wrist but It was also saying that the fingers would be numb to which they wernt.
So anyways thought I had a slight case of this and I decided to buy a wrist brace to keep the wrist straight to see if I could get it back together but to know joy.

I then started to notice a rapid change in the strength in my right arm It was very weak
Weights that I could comfortably lift I started to struggle with last week I near dropped a 20kg kettlebell on my feet because I couldn't snatch it above my head.

So last Wednesday I had enough so I went to the doctor he examined the arm I told him there was no pain it was just weak and a decrease of strength.

He told me it wasn't my carpal tunnel but thought I bruised a nerve on the arm just at the wrist and give me tablets just like I thought to myself if it was just bruised the swelling would of went away considering I had this injury for a few weeks before.

When he examined the arm he was looking for pain In the arm but there wasn't any.

A few days ago I've found the pain in the arm
I was leaning on the door frame with the arms holding on and I stretched forward and felt the pain at the top of my arm slightly sore
It actually feels like something's outta place and feels like it needs clicked back into

It really frustrating because I haven't been able to get proper gym session done in weeks
I was considering going to a physio to see if they had any idears about this

Could anyone else share some light into please it would be a big help


pgs Just read your question. I see that the onset of your problem occurred post dips. This is a somewhat problematic exercise as if performed incorrectly it may well cause injuries. I often stop athletes I see doing this exercise and try not to prescribe as an exercise in a workout unless I am 100% sure they can perform it correctly and do it early in a session so they are relatively fresh and can hold their form.

The action of the dip encourages an anterior or forward movement of the head of the humerus (upper arm bone)in the socket in an already unstable joint. Through this aspect of the joint pass all the soft tissue components which supply the arm eg blood vessels, tendons and more importantly nerves, which enervate the arm structures including the fingers and grip muscles.

It may be that you have caused an impingement of the appropriate nerve which is affecting the correct working of the grip muscles and causing pain.

Other factors would include a Brachial Plexus syndrome, itself affected by the same action described above or a dysfunctional collar bone or indeed, the problem may originate in the neck.

I would suggest seeking the help of a chiropractor and/or osteopath or indeed sports physio and asking for clarification as to whether the problem stems from the areas I have suggested.

I trust this helps unless since posting you have already sorted the problem out?