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groin pain preventing gluteu activation

Question: groin pain preventing gluteu activation

I have a client. We have established her right Glutues are not firing properly. This has been going on a while, leading to her right leg shortening, and when really bad, the knee pulling medially leading to a pronounded limp. Work on the muscles help but the problem re-occurs. Once she gets walking after a few minutes the muscles in the buttocks start to work properly. It is when she starts walking, around the house, that she finds she cannot access the glutues at all as there is a very sharp pain in her groin area which blocks the gluteus activation. Looks like the abductors are involved. If the leg is worked in rotation there is no pain, it loosens us and she can walk better. Sometimes it gives a releasing pop which helps but is shortlived.
Any ideas would be most welcome.


Hi Carla

Has your client been and had MRI scans or anything done? I had very similar problems with my right hip and atrophy of the glute. Turns out I had a labral tear and ligament teres tear. The body works in an amazing way as we all know. I had the tfl tighten, ridiculously tight adductor Magnus and psoas. I suggest they go see someone and have some scans done. Just my 2cents worth :-)