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Groin Injury

Question: Groin Injury

I exercise regularly, alternating from outdoor runs ( typically 4 to 8 km), gym sessions, roller blading and golf.
For about a month now I have been experiencing slight pain and discomfort in my left abductor.Not sure which activity may have caused this but suspect it was either a hip turn at golf or when one of my roller blading manouvers back fired.

Either way , now my runs are compromised and require a lengthy warm up before I can run somewhat comfortably,roller blading is ok but there is general soreness after both activities, when i wake up in the morning and when I sit in a chair for too long and then get up to walk.

Lately my hips and lower back are starting to feel sore as well...not sure if related.

I have gone on to low impact, gym , more stretching and swimming but the symptoms still remain.

Any advice/opinions please?