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Playing football i felt a pop when i pull my groin muscle 3 years ago, i didnt go to the doctor i just ice and heat it for about 1 month like i have done before in the pass, but i never felt a small pop. since then when i run i feel it pulling as im running. i can not run as hard as i want to anymore and if i push it very hard the next day lateral movements from left to right are very limited, i have to move very slow, its like the groin muscle is very weak, lifing my leg up is also weak too. when i strech i feel it pulling but is bareable, but if i do the butterfly strech i feel it pulling and the pain is so unbareable i have to stop streching and do another strech. after a sport activity mostly football and running very hard it takes 1-2 days for the pain to go away. just the other day i workout with a power sled pulling it for 30 yards 25lbs 3 times 35lbs 3 times then 50lb once a very hard workout my leg was so weak the next day it took 4 days for my groin muscle to be strong again or the pain to go away to run. as of right now i have not workout in 3 days i have no hardness in that area no bumps or nothing its not weak its strong, but if i run i feel it pull or if pull the power sled i REALLYS PULLs then im out of commishing the next day.what is really wrong and what can i do to fix this problem, it is really prohibiting my performance.


I don't usually reply to these things but I read your story and I feel for you as I've been there - and still am! I had a groin pull (or so I thought) nearly 4 years ago and the pain was intense and radiated down to my knee. I did the RICE routine and played again but it never really felt right. Got referred to physio's by my GP and they never got to the cause of the problem. It has only been in the last 3 months (while having to stop playing football because of the pain) that a new GP referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon. I've had an x-ray which showed nothing and an MRI which also showed nothing. I'm due in for an MRI arthrogram to see if I have torn the cartilage in my hip socket (labral hip tear). Either positive or negative, the next step is keyhole surgery to see what's happening. Basically your groin pain may not be your adductor muscles at all, just reffered pain! Get yourself down to your GP and try to see an orthopaedic surgeon to at least eliminate possible injuries beacuse for me this has been too long of a problem! Hope this helps.


I am too going through exactlty the same as you 2 guys, pop in the groin initialy, rice then phisio then the usual mri and x rays that showed nothing appenently.The thing is its been over a year now and I have just started to do some jogging and last night my groin tightened up and the last mile out of 4 miles I had to go vertually at walking pace because i was worried it would pop again !How long do we have to wait !I have spent lots of money with a little help from bupa and feel let down by doctors, specialist and even a professor who sent me for an x-ray and couldnt even open my mri scan dvd !!!!but read my notes and just said start lateral exercise for 6-8 weeks.I am 2 weeks and 2 4 mile jogs into this and feel like the groin is so weak. Were do we go from here any advice anyone can give i would appreciate it ?


Hey, I am suffering very similar pains / circumstances to those that you two have described above. I noticed neither of you have posted in about 2.5 years, so I wanted to check in and see if you a) ever found any relief or a cure for your pain and symptoms, and b) what this was finally (if at all) diagnosed as and c) what paths you took to get to that diagonsis / treatment. Any input you have would be really appreciated. Thank you.