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fractured tibial plateau

Question: fractured tibial plateau

I fractured my tibial plateau during an intense soccer game about a month ago. I'm female, and a guy collided into me (co-ed game). Comminuted (several pieces), slightly displaced and depressed. I am devastated at possibly not being able to play again/ sprint/ run again.

Recovery is so slow too -- i am told likely 1-2 years before i could think of trying sports/ running again. Haven't been able to find examples of athletes with this type injury who've made a comeback. Any feedback/ tips out there? Worried about not getting good enough PT since i live in a small country town... I want to do everything i can to have a shot. Thanks!!


Hi Soccergirl, I've put your question to our Facebook group and Twitter followers - hopefully someone will be along with some advice for you soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. M.


From Debbie via Facebook, 'Depending on whether it was surgical/non surgical injury you should only do the exercises the physio prescribed, I'm assuming you got referred to the PT. Stick with the PT because the last thing you want to do is make things worse. Ask your PT if there are any exercises you can do at home.'


The biggest immediate concern is proper healing in order to maintain good alignment. If you notice any bowing of your leg should be addressed immediately. For the long term you need to be concerned with cartilage damage and early degeneration. Gradual progression of old bearing with minimal pain. Progressive strengthening as tolerated. Tough one-good luck