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Forefoot pain and desperation

Question: Forefoot pain and desperation

I have had forefoot pain in both feet for nearly two years and I have had operations on both in the first metatarsal joints to remove a ganglion in one and some cartilage in another. However, both forefeet are especially sore to walk on and the heads of the fifth metatarsals are inflamed and sore to walk on. From running forty miles a week in training, I am physically in pain just walking about. I am 28 years old and I have just about had enough. I do have tight calf muscles that I am working on and I have suffered from tibialis posterior tendonitis in the past (actually just prior to the onset of the forefoot inflammation). Nothing seems to be working and I am just so frustrated. Has anyone suffered similarly and does anyone have any idea to reduce the problem. I have been icing regularly and applying anti-inflammatory cream. Help!