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foot pain, unsure of treatment/diagnosis

Question: foot pain, unsure of treatment/diagnosis


8 days ago I competed in a karate competion, once I had finished my round of fights I noticed the top of my foot was swollen and painful. The pain increased, and when I got home I was having to walk on the outside of my foot and the pain was too bad just below the big toe. I iced it off and on, took anti-inflammatories and have not engaged in any sport since.

The next day it was really bruised and swollen at the base of the big toe, and throughout the week I have continued to ice and take meds to reduce the swelling and pain.

It is still swollen, but I am walking on it with discomfort. I have no idea what I may have done, as I can't pin point when it happened, but it was during a fight. I'm guessing the adrenaline kept me going, but it only started hurting when I stoppped.

I'm not sure whether its worth seeing a doctor, as its obviously not broken or anything like that, but I don't want to have a long term problem thats stop me training (I run aswell, so been off all sports for 8 days).

Any advise or information will be gratefully received. thanks


You should see a doctor and have it checked out bones in your feet are very delicate, as muscles and such are vulnerable. There isn't much to do for injuries like this but it is better to be safe then sorry. Keep icing it and take ib profen twice a day. When you ice keep your foot elevated.


Its best to go see a podiatric surgeon.. get it X-rayed... and get the results... The most logical diagnosis to me is capsulitis, but dont discount the fact that you may have damaged some cartilage at the 1stMPJ or (big toe joint).In the mean time continue your regimen of rest, ice ,elevation and NSAIDS and hopefully if it is just capsulitis then your are already employing the most appropriate treatment. GOOD LUCK


Wouldn't be so sure there's not an underlying fracture. Get to the doctor get the x-ray and bone scan. If there are positive findings, have your GP refer you to an orhtopedic surgeon immeidately.