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Femoral Neck Fracture

Question: Femoral Neck Fracture

I was quad speed skating and a nasty spill caused me to break my hip.
Femoral Neck Fracture. It is fractured all the way through but not displaced. Is there a non surgical option for treatment?

I am not in pain unless I were to twist my leg or walk on it.
I have been simply laying down until I get a second opinion.

The ER wanted me to stay and have surgery the next day, they are a small town hospital though. We have an excellent Orthopedic center 20 minutes away which I will be going to. I broke my arm once and I was told I would need pins and surgery. I went there and they put a special cast on and let it heal naturally.

I am just wondering if anyone had a similar injury where the femur neck was not displaced or if anyone can advise if it is possible not to have surgery.

I will never go without Crash Pads once I recover! This is not going to scare me off wheels though. Not at all. Just to be more careful with protective gear.