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Is extra corporeal shock treatment a solution?

Question: Is extra corporeal shock treatment a solution?

I have had achilles tendonitis for approximately 21 years 3 times in plaster 2 partial ruptures and 2 operations (1 valgarising osteotomy of oscalcis and 2 to remove the screws). When last i had an MRI scan/x ray there is a section of calcification inside the tendon caused by a piece of bone being left in there. The problem is at the insertion of the tendon into the calcanium and doesnt seem to want to go away. when i speak to physio's they do not want to go near it until one suggested extra corporeal shock treatment as a possible way of breaking down the calcification/making it better. any ideas would be gratefully recieved as i was greatly disappointed at 24 to be told that was it my sporting aspirations were finished (now 42 I have since played volleyball to national 1 standard represented GB fire service walked to Everest base camp and the North Pole so in a way it helped). my surgeon was Mr Ian Winson at Southmead and the Glen, Bristol.