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Do most ACL tear's need surgery

Question: Do most ACL tear's need surgery

I've been diagnosed with a high grade partial ACL tear, bone brusing and meniscus damage. But my doctor says he wants me to strenthen my knee to manage the instability but doesn't think I need surgery. It's been three months and I still don't have good range of motion and still experience a lot of pain from time to time. Should I seek a second opinion?


Hi there,

I have had a full rupture of my ACL and meniscus damage in my left knee and in my right knee a high grade partial tear with only half left attached. My left has been reconstructed but my right knee has been left.

I can understand the reasoning behing strengthening the knee as having only a partial tear could mean that strengthening would be more beneficial as there are receptors in that ligament that help with proprioception. However, if you had a reconstrauction, you would no longer have these receptors and your muscles and surrounding ligaments will have to take on the role of the ACL in order to stabilise the knee. Also, having a strength around the knee will aid in your recovery should you end up having surgery.

In saying this, if it is still giving you a lot of pain and your range of motion is not as good as it should be, then I personally would return to your doctor and seek a second opinion. If you are not happy, with the way your knee is, then definitely go and seek a second opinion.