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Do I have Pes Anserinus Bursitis in BOTH knees?

Question: Do I have Pes Anserinus Bursitis in BOTH knees?

Hello everyone, im 19 years old. I started noticing this pain and weakness in both of my knees from around age 15. It wasn't as noticeable, but as i have become more active from around 16 years old onwards, it has slowly progressively became worse.

The medical help i have received has been pretty poor, and if i can get some suggestions, i can keep suggesting the problem time and time over again to the doctor's who will hopefully eventually listen to my cries.

I have had appointments in both physiotherapy and rheumatology in the past but neither of those could find any problems, which wasn't much help as i was still left with pain.

The pain is located at the back of both knees, mostly the inner side where the abductor muscles attach to the femur. I am left in pain every single day now to the point where i feel i can't take no more and i NEED urgent medical help.

The surrounding tendons at that area which i think is the Pes anserinus muscle group all hurt significantly during even the simplest of activities like walking up stairs in my day to day life, which is a MASSIVE pain as my room is a loft room therefore i have to walk 2 sets of stairs every single time to get up here.

If i were to go into a squat which will hurt my knees because of this reason, and if i were to push my hips up by pushing off with my hamstrings - it causes INCREDIBLE pain and discomfort, so bad that im lucky to even get 1 rep out without having to stop due to the pain. This drill is sometimes called "Squat to stand" which will be easy enough to find if anyone would take the time to look at that if need be.

Now, some info about physiotherapy in the past;
The physiotherapist looked at my hamstrings and found that the tendons were tight, the right knee is a lot worse than the left, but both are really painful. The right knee i can't fully flex (kick my butt) without incredible pain. I have been doing daily hamstring stretches for a while now and have noticed the range of motion in my right knee increasing slightly, but that's about all.

It's been a good few months now since i went to PT and i can straighten that knee, but it still hurts. A physical exam and/or palpation could be a good idea, i have suggested a physical exam to my doctor (GP) and they only looked at one knee and touched it for maybe a few seconds. I have suggested to them to see someone specialized in chiropractor/orthopedics/osteopath but none of them want to seem to help me in that path.

I have had a recent x-ray on both knees but again that is fine, i didn't think this specific condition came up too well on an MRI, but i could request that if it will help give me a diagnosis? and some treatment once and for all.

When i was doing hamstring stretches by lying on my back and raising one leg at a time to about 90 degrees, using a band to get a deeper stretch. After that, in that position with some hip extension, i did some leg extensions, and felt some early fatigue in the inner area of the quad muscle covering the knee, which i think is the VMO? So that could be weak, however i find it hard to do this movement on my right knee as it hurts me to fully flex and/or straighten that leg.

If i were to go cycling, a similar pain is felt from walking up stairs, both the pain comes from the posterior part of my knee, but sometimes i can feel pain coming from the front during those movements. I have been suffering from this for years and am so DESPERATE for treatment. What would be my best approach for now?

The doctors Ive seen on the NHS don't seem to want to refer me to those specialist areas, even if they're available, i can't really afford private treatment, if i could, i would be there without hesitation, i don't even have £100 in my bank account as i am unable to work and am claiming support allowance which isn't enough so im living off savings pretty much which is another reason why i need to get back to normal ASAP!

I have avoided activities for months now so aren't aggravating the condition as much as possible, but for things like walking up stairs which hurt day to day, i can't avoid unfortunately.

I have attached an image as i thought it could help you guys see where the problem lies, i'll leave it at the end of this message. If possible, if you guys could maybe leave an email or an address i can contact you at, that would be great, as i can expand on this as much as need be, any questions please ask and i will get back to you straight away!!!


Any answers as yet?


Any suggestions? It seems odd because im not sure if these problems would show up on MRI/X-Rays.