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Dealing with caecal slap (Runner's trots)

Question: Dealing with caecal slap (Runner's trots)

Caecal slap occurs when the caecum, which is the first part of the large intestine, had been rubbing against the inside of his abdominal wall. This friction might have produced an inflammation of the caecum, precipitating the diarrhoea and causing stitch-like pain in the right side of the abdomen.

Apparently 30 to 50% of runners are affected by this condition but I'venot been able to find much about is control or elimination ( sorry about the pun) Can any give me further advice or information?


Try diaphragmatic breathing. And be sure to exhale fully. I read that you can try exhaling when you land on the left foot when a right stitch begins to come on and that can help.