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"Cramp" type pain after several days off the bike resulting in inability to pedal

Question: "Cramp" type pain after several days off the bike resulting in inability to pedal

Hi Guys

Thanks for reading. I have been dealing with an issue for several years and have never been able to find an answer. I'm a 36 year old male road racer. Here is my scenario: I get these gradual onset leg cramps that I cannot figure out. They are not like regular cramps where they have a rapid, extremely tight onset and then eventually release. They have a gradual onset and if I dont stop pedaling, they eventually get so bad that I almost cannot turn the pedals over and the do not go away. If I am close to home and able to stop riding within 15 -20 minutes I can usually try riding again the next day. If I have a long ride home, I usually have to take several more days off before I can turn the pedals over again. Here are the consistencies: it always (100% of the time) happens after taking several days off the bike, usually 1-2 days is ok but when I take off more is when it happens. It doesn't affect the entire muscle, just feels like a small striation or 2. It usually happens when spinning at a higher cadence (90-110 rpm) and if i catch it soon enough i can ride a rather large gear to keep it from getting worse. Also, limiting the range of motion in my legs helps too, I do this by getting out of the saddle for long periods of time to keep it from getting worse. If I sit back down too soon it slowly gets worse again. It really only affects my glutes and quads areas and there is no rhyme or reason to which muscle is affected. The only way i can decribe the feeling is that it feels like my muscles are "stuck" together and when I stretch and contract them, they are creating some sort of friction like they are grinding muscle together. As I continue to ride, the pain gets worse and the muscle seems to get tighter. I had lab work done at one time it happened and all my electolytes where normal so I don't think I was overly dehydrated at that time. I'm sorry I can't be more specific but any insight would be helpful.



Go to a massage therapist whom is not scared to massage along side your tail bone andf into your Abducters and then get them to massage through your L5. You may after so many years riding be blocked through your Meridans and each time you ask more for from the body the body hasn't the energy release to give it to you. also think about getting a Lymphatic drinage massage after the L5 and tail bone has been done.


I think there is a problem with the arterie at the height of your hip.When cycling this arterie can be narrowed by a ligament so there is less bloodflow to the legs resulting in "cramp"en weakness.