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Could my injury be more than shin splints?

Question: Could my injury be more than shin splints?

After two weeks of running at an increased training, I began developing a sharp pain in my shin when I would put my weight on it while running. I've talked to a trainer who thinks that the pain in both legs is due to shin splints; I increased my milage by a significant amount in a short amount of time and had to do quite a bit of running on pavement. However, everything I've looked up about shin splints does not mention any continuing pain outside of exercise, while my shin pain causes me to limp slightly throughout the day, and I can't put my weight on one foot even after a week of active rest (biking, etc).

I treat the area with ice for 20 minutes 2-3 times a day, but I still cannot run without sharp pain in my lower leg, which does not abate with an increased amount of running. I am 19 years old and a long distance runner, and was on a training program over the summer, but due to missed runs and time constraints, increased my milage by 7-10 miles starting two weeks ago.


Compartment Syndrome? I had similar problems to you, I didn't really get much pain when done with exercising for a while (say after 2 hours) but I had pain none of the less. For me, whilst running, the pain was sharp but tolerable. The worst was when I stopped, anyway, best of luck, hope you find out what's up! :)


Go and see your doctor! I don't know how much running you were doing before you increased your training, or what surfaces you were running on, or the intensity, but what you're describing does make me think you may have a stress fracture, especially if it's the same spot all the time, and one leg (you mentioned shin, but then you said both legs - is it one leg or both?) Does it hurt if you press on the bone in one particular spot? Your doctor will probably suggest an x-ray (though an x-ray may not pick it up particularly if it's very recent). After that will come a scan, which will pick it up if it's a stress fracture. If it is a stress fratcure you will need several weeks of rest, but more importantly you should analyse your training, gait, diet, running surface etc to see if you can pinpoint a likely cause and prevent it happening again. I'll be interested in your result.